imageLEFT EYE refers to…my left eye. That’s the eye I use when I look through the camera viewfinder when taking still photos. My name is John S. Stewart and I have been a freelance photojournalist for two thirds of my life.

I use this site to display some of my work and write about some of the stories behind the photos. Why is the story “behind” the photo important, other than just dinner table chat? It’s not. I have enjoyed hearing other photographers tell their “LEFTeyeSTORIES” and have sometimes found those as interesting as the story the photos were used with. I think this is one main reason I have found photojournalism to be a fascinating career.

When I say, “story behind the photo,” I’m not talking about what camera settings I used and what lighting I used. Who really remembers that? Who cares? Except for broad generalities, I don’t dwell on that kind of minutiae. The moments before and after “The Moment” happened and how it all came about is the tack I take with “Left Eye Stories”.

Many of my images in this blog and others are included on the PicFAIR site where they and thousands of other images from around the world can be licensed for Commercial, Editorial and Private use.

John S. Stewart


  1. Hello you and I had corresponded approx 6 months ago via email concerning the photo of the booger red funeral procession. I had req a high wuality Meg of the picture so I could get it printed on canvas. My boyfriend is the driver of the van in the picture. You had said you would look for it and it would take some time because you had moved. I can’t find your email address I was using. I’m hoping I can reach you with this website. Have you been able to find the negative?
    Thank you for your attn in this req. My contact info is Tonia Duncan email tram80221@yahoo.com

    • Tonia: You can click on the photo in the blog post and it will take you to my stock photography site where you can license a high resolution file of the photo. Not all photos on this blog post are available but I believe the one you are interested in is available.

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